The Lady Chapel

ST MARY SALOME – Wife of Zebedee and sister of the Virgin Mary. Sitting at her feet is James, holding his scallop shell emblem and giving a pear to his brother John, who holds a bird, representing his eagle emblem. John witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus and was the first male witness of the Resurrection.

St Mary Salome

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THE VIRGIN MARY – Daughter of Joachim and Anne and mother of Jesus, seen here sitting on her lap. This ‘Maria Lactans’, or breast feeding image, was made popular in the fifteenth century.

The Virgin Mary

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– Mary of Cleophas has four children, Simon holds a fish and Jude a boat. The same emblems the appear with as adults on the centre part of the Rood Screen. The two toddlers are less serious minded. Joseph has a toy windmill while James the Less blows bubbles.


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ST MARGARET OF ANTIOCH – A beautiful woman persecuted by a Roman Prefect. According to legend, Margaret was tortured and swallowed by a dragon but saved by her cross which caused the beast to disgorge her, to the said creatures great discomfort. Later she was beheaded. She is the patron saint of childbirth.


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